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About Shristi

I am passionate about working with older teens and adults who have experienced trauma, sports related concerns, and challenges in life. I dedicate my work to collaborating with individuals, and empowering them to overcome the impacts of these experiences.

As long as I can remember, sports and exercise have been a large part of my life. I started playing soccer at the age of four and went on to play for school and competitive teams - I still play competitively to this day. I have also been involved in many other competitive sports throughout the years, and always enjoy the challenge while pushing myself in new directions. From all of my personal experiences with athletics, I recognize the need for psychology within this field and understand how integral mental well-being is to performance.


Outside of my athletic endeavours, I have worked and volunteered in settings which have given me an abundance of experience with trauma counselling. My passion lies in helping individuals to grow from the impacts of hardships, discover how to build their strengths, and learn skills to maintain their well-being.


Academic Achievements

Doctor of Psychology - In Progress

California Southern University

Certificate in Sport Psychology

California Southern University

Master of Counselling
City University of Seattle (Edmonton Campus)

Bachelor of Science, Specialization in Psychology
University of Alberta

Memberships & Associations


College of Alberta Psychologists

Psychologist’s Association of Alberta

Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis

Professional Development

2021 - The Psychology of Pandemics

2021 – Embodying Polyvagal Theory: Body-Oriented Learning & Exploration

2021 – Treating First Responders Dealing with Operational Stress Injury & PTSD

2020 – Prolonged Exposure Therapy

2019 – Natural Processing: Part One (Integrating Somatic Psychotherapy with EMDR Therapy)

2018 – Basic EMDR Training

2018 – Somatic Interventions for Treating Complex Trauma

2017 – Basic Clinical Hypnosis Training
2017 – Drilling Deeper: Moving From Trauma To Resilience
2017 – Hakomi: Attending to Attachment
2016 – Infant Mental Health Promotion Training
2015 – Play Therapy For Trauma Workshop
2015 – Recreation of Self Level 1 & 2 Hakomi Training
2014 – Diverse Voices, Family Violence Conference
2014 – Body Mapping Workshop
2014 – Focus on Forensics: CBT For Trauma & Psychosis

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